Matched Betting Month 2 with Online Betting School’s #freebetchallenge

In January I took part in the #freebetchallenge, following the simple guidelines given to me from I got £30.00 in cashback deals and made £72.60 from the betting, so a total of £101.60. Having started the challenge as a complete sceptic I was well on the way to being converted, I had made money, only put in £25 (everything else coming from my winnings) but was £72.60 enough for me to carry on long term?

6. Month 2 header

I wasn’t sure, but I had nothing to lose so I carried on during February. Using the VIP area of the Online Betting School I was presented with lots of offers to take up from different bookmakers, so I did one a week. I also took up a few of the free bet offers that were emailed to me form the various companies I had already signed up with. Lastly I did a few of the free spin offers from the casinos.

The free spins haven’t made me much, literally a few pence, but they don’t take long and are a bit of a giggle. I won just over £20 with Guts, but they wanted such an unreasonable amount of documentation from to get the money I just decided to leave it. Not a single other company has asked me for any ID, let alone a copy of my passport, bank statement and a utility bill and I personally wasn’t comfortable providing someone I had never heard of before with all of this, had I won more money then maybe I would have been more inclined!

In total February saw me win a whopping £185.19 and got a £25.00 cashback deal. That makes my total profit for February £210.19. That’s huge amount to us, to most people I think.

I’ve been putting all my winning in a separate savings account. My little savings account now has enough for us to have a really fun holiday when we go away at Easter, to not worry about trips to the zoo or meals out. Our free bet money is our fun money and it is nice to have money that I can spend, completely guilt free.

So to summarise this month’s experience, I’m fully converted, I wish I’d started doing it sooner and I’m going to carry on doing it! I’ve still got some offers left in the VIP area to take up and then when I’ve done all of them my next step will be the final challenge, the £10k club. £10k seems a long way off but £1k seems well within my reach and at the start of the year I wouldn’t have believed that.

I’ve done a little vlog to chat about how the whole month went for me, hopefully it will give you a bit of an insight and prove that I am just a mum who has made a little bit of extra cash and is very happy.

My running total for the entire two months is £312.79, happy days.

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