Matched Betting Month 1 with Online Betting School’s #freebetchallenge

I’m now at the end of my first month of the #freebetchallenge, following the simple guidelines given to me from  I’m now feeling more confident with what I’m doing, I’m faster and I also have little bit more to play with thanks to my previous wins, but I didn’t get to use as much as I would have liked. Here are this week’s results and thoughts.

5. freebetchallenge month 1

In total this week I put down £29.42 in cash and I have won £39.21. That makes my total profit for this week is £9.79. That’s not a whole huge amount, but I have my reasons.

So this week I was getting my free bets from Betfred, deposit £10 and get £30 in free bets, I did this on the Friday fine and Dandy, my results came in with a bout a 20p loss, which was fine as the money making part is always in the second step.

But then my free bets didn’t show up, now Betfred state it can take up to 48 hours from your initial bet being settled until the free bets are credited, and it just so happens in my case they took every single moment of that 48 hours. As I was due to blog about it that left me with a very limited choice of midweek matches to bet on as I wanted to get it done as soon as possible, I just had to go with what was there.

Now normally I would spend a bit of time picking a match with a bit of long shot on the odds, spending as much as I could afford to get the best profit, using the betting calculators to guide me. This week that wasn’t to be, so I just popped a little down on and got a little back, it’s fine, I’m still in profit and had I not already missed my deadline* I would have probably just waited until the weekend matches. *My deadline was self-imposed, but it just really bothers me to miss such things, even when it’s out of my hands, I’m weird like that!

So to summarise this week’s experience, I’m feeling really happy with how everything has worked out, I’m up to speed with what I need to do to make money out of this and even though I didn’t even make £10 this week I’m confident that I will make more next week. Besides, little and often really is fine with me, so long as I’m making money!

Briony and son

As I’m at the end of my first month of my #freebetchallenge and I’ve done a little vlog to chat about how the whole month went for me, hopefully it will give you a bit of an insight and prove that I am just a mum who was incredibly sceptical and proven wrong, a mum who has made a little bit of extra cash and is very happy.

In total over the last 4 weeks I have turned my initial £25 stake into £72.43 cash and £20 cashback, £92.43 in total which is pretty bloody impressive. As I have set up a separate, easy access, saving account for my proceeds that means I have £97.43 (I decided to leave my initial stake in the account) in cash to play with and so I will also have the cashback amount, although that will come to me in Amazon vouchers as I get a 2% uplift from my cashback account by getting my payments made to me in vouchers.

As always next bets are on Friday ready for the weekend matches but I will no longer be doing weekly blogs about it as there isn’t much more to add now. I will definitely still be continuing my matched betting journey by using the Free Bet Challenge’s VIP area to help me places more bets. I really hope to carry on making some extra money each month.

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