Matched Betting 2016 Challenge

This January I’m trying something new, it’s not a resolution, no fitness goals or dry January for me, I shall be trying Matched Betting for the first time with Online Betting School’s “Free Bet Challenge” and seeing if it really is as easy and as profitable as they’d have us believe. By using the free bets available from online bookmakers and betting on the football I should be able to make a practically risk free profit.

Let me start by introducing myself, after all you’ll be reading about my experience for a whole month. I’m Briony, I’m a mum to a little boy, a wife and I work from home blogging and crafting and playing with social media. Most importantly I’ve never placed a bet in my life and I hate football. In actual fact I wouldn’t even be doing this if I hadn’t been asked to write about it. You see part of being self-employed and staying home with my child means I have to be sensible, very sensible, money doesn’t go far especially at this time of year, I think most people can relate to that. This means I can’t turn down work but you’d never find me gambling either!

From what I’ve researched and what I’ve been told, Matched Betting is almost risk free, it can be complex but there are systems, like the one I’ll be using from, that help so you don’t have to have any knowledge and you can still make good money from it. There are so many success stories from very happy people and other than some words of caution about never betting more than you can afford and reading small print I haven’t been able to find any negative accounts.

But if all that were true why do the bookies allow it? Why doesn’t everyone do it? It all just seems too good to be true. Surely there is a catch.

So that’s why I’m here, I’m going to try it for myself, betting my own money and telling you all about my experience. I shall tell you the truth, if it’s difficult or time consuming, if I win or lose, if I wish I had tried it years ago, whatever my experience I’ll let you know. I’m nervous and excited all at once, I’ve never wanted my oh so sensible, practical and often sceptical self to be wrong about something so much. I’ll be placing my first bets on Friday so wish me luck.

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