Free Bet Challenge Week 3

I’m now at the end of the third week of my #freebetchallenge, following the simple guidelines given to me from  This week worked exactly the same as last week and because of that I was a bit quicker and a bit more confident, I also had a little bit more to play with thanks to my previous wins. Here are this week’s results and thoughts.

4. freebetchallenge

In total this week I put down £62.81 in cash and I have won £90.87. That makes my total profit for this week is £28.06. That’s a fairly tidy sum.

This week there is a reason I profited so much more than last week. If you remember last week for setting up my account with Smarkets they covered up to £10 of my losses, which meant this week I had a £10 free bet with them, so I spent £10 less than I would have normally. To me this is part of the point and doesn’t affect my overall profit and wouldn’t affect anyone else doing this as they would likely get the same offer. I just thought Iought to mention why this week seemed so much better than last week in case you were wondering if I did something differently or learnt a new trick.

This week I jumped straight in using the betting calculators which really are the key to making sure you come out on top. They are easy to use and do all the hard work mathematically for you, which is ace. Being more confident this week I played about with the matches and therefor the odds a bit more, making sure I’d picked the best game for me, the odds that would give me the best return for the money I had to spend.

This week I set up an account with William Hill and got £20 in free bets for a £10 stake, I placed my bets on Newcastle vs West Ham Saturday and then used my free bet on Sunday’s Stoke vs Arsenal match.

4. Matched Betting

So to summarise this week’s experience, I’m feeling quite happy with how everything works and this week I only spent about 30 minutes or so, setting up my new account with William Hill, deciding which matches to bet on and placing my bets over the two days which isn’t much time at all. I’m far happier with how much I made this week and now have a little savings account set up with over £80 pure profit in it, this does include my cashback from week one. My only question is what happens when I’ve set up all the new accounts that I can?

As always next bets are on Friday ready for the weekend matches so come back next week to find out how I did.


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