Free Bet Challenge Week 2

I’m now at the end of the second week of my #freebetchallenge, following the simple guidelines given to me from  Things were a little more complex this week but I’ve certainly got the hang of it now. Here are this week’s results and thoughts.

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In total this week I put down £61.18 in cash and I have won £72.66. I also got £10.00 of my losses on Smarkets covered so I’ve got a bit extra to play with next week, it’s not withdrawable cash but it is still handy to have, it’s just like another free bet really. That makes my total profit for this week is £11.48. Let’s be honest I’m not going to retire on it, but I’m still up!

This week I watched all the videos in the free member’s area, which helped me see the difference between a bookmakers and a bet exchange, had some really useful tips about working with decimal odds as opposed to your standard 5/7 fractional odds, whilst I’m good at maths and understand odds I do find working with decimal odds quicker and easier to compare. They also went through how to use the betting calculators and these are vital.

Using the betting calculators made this week a bit different as I wasn’t just following a set of instructions, I got given guidance on which accounts to use, set up a Sky Bet account and deposit £5.00 to get £20.00 in free bets and then set up a Smarkets account to place the rest of your bets with, but picking the matches, using the calculators was all down to me.

I loved that I wasn’t left completely on my own, they have a simple ‘check your bet’ form you can complete so if you are unsure you can just pop in what you were going to do with the teams, odds and amounts and they’ll double check it and make sure you are on the right track. I did this with my Saturday bets and got the confirmation I needed that I was doing everything right and this left me confident enough to fly free on the Sunday bets.

The principal was the same as last week, bet on the win, lose and draw but unlike last week I only had one account giving me free bets, Sky Bet, so on each day I could only use them on one of the outcomes. I then used the bet exchange, Smarkets, to bet on the other two possible outcomes. This is where the calculators come in, when you complete them they tell you how much to put down with the bet exchange to give you the right outcome.

So this week I placed my bets on the Wycombe vs Aston Villa Match from Saturday and then used my free bets on Sunday’s Oxford vs Swansea Match. To choose them I just played with the calculators filling them out to see which matches I could afford to bet on and would make the best profit with. Due to the odds on some of the matches I would have needed to lay down over £100 in cash, which whilst I would have made a profit I just don’t have spare at the moment, but it has shown to me that the longer I do this the more money I will have put aside, so the more I can gamble with, the more I will make.

The videos that explained everything were really helpful to me this week and just made everything a bit clearer. The calculators were a god send, essentially telling me what to do. The ability to check my bet was also very helpful, it just made me more confident in what I was doing. I like the member’s area, it is very useful and for me I know I wouldn’t be able to do it without the guidance provided.

So to summarise this week’s experience I ‘m a lot less confused than I was this time last week, I can now see how I would make a profit going forward and I’m finding the guidance from the member’s area really useful. Whilst I did end up in profit this week I’m not convinced that just over £10 would be enough to keep me coming back week after week, and the £10k club seems a very long way off, but I know I’m still new at this and learning and I think now I’ve done it once using the calculators I could do it better next time.

As always next bets are on Friday ready for the weekend matches so come back next week to find out what I did.


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