Matched Betting Month 2 with Online Betting School’s #freebetchallenge

In January I took part in the #freebetchallenge, following the simple guidelines given to me from I got £30.00 in cashback deals and made £72.60 from the betting, so a total of £101.60. Having started the challenge as a complete sceptic I was well on the way to being converted, I had made money, only put in £25 (everything else coming from my winnings) but was £72.60 enough for me to carry on long term?

6. Month 2 header

I wasn’t sure, but I had nothing to lose so I carried on during February. Using the VIP area of the Online Betting School I was presented with lots of offers to take up from different bookmakers, so I did one a week. I also took up a few of the free bet offers that were emailed to me form the various companies I had already signed up with. Lastly I did a few of the free spin offers from the casinos.

The free spins haven’t made me much, literally a few pence, but they don’t take long and are a bit of a giggle. I won just over £20 with Guts, but they wanted such an unreasonable amount of documentation from to get the money I just decided to leave it. Not a single other company has asked me for any ID, let alone a copy of my passport, bank statement and a utility bill and I personally wasn’t comfortable providing someone I had never heard of before with all of this, had I won more money then maybe I would have been more inclined!

In total February saw me win a whopping £185.19 and got a £25.00 cashback deal. That makes my total profit for February £210.19. That’s huge amount to us, to most people I think.

I’ve been putting all my winning in a separate savings account. My little savings account now has enough for us to have a really fun holiday when we go away at Easter, to not worry about trips to the zoo or meals out. Our free bet money is our fun money and it is nice to have money that I can spend, completely guilt free.

So to summarise this month’s experience, I’m fully converted, I wish I’d started doing it sooner and I’m going to carry on doing it! I’ve still got some offers left in the VIP area to take up and then when I’ve done all of them my next step will be the final challenge, the £10k club. £10k seems a long way off but £1k seems well within my reach and at the start of the year I wouldn’t have believed that.

I’ve done a little vlog to chat about how the whole month went for me, hopefully it will give you a bit of an insight and prove that I am just a mum who has made a little bit of extra cash and is very happy.

My running total for the entire two months is £312.79, happy days.

Matched Betting Month 1 with Online Betting School’s #freebetchallenge

I’m now at the end of my first month of the #freebetchallenge, following the simple guidelines given to me from  I’m now feeling more confident with what I’m doing, I’m faster and I also have little bit more to play with thanks to my previous wins, but I didn’t get to use as much as I would have liked. Here are this week’s results and thoughts.

5. freebetchallenge month 1

In total this week I put down £29.42 in cash and I have won £39.21. That makes my total profit for this week is £9.79. That’s not a whole huge amount, but I have my reasons.

So this week I was getting my free bets from Betfred, deposit £10 and get £30 in free bets, I did this on the Friday fine and Dandy, my results came in with a bout a 20p loss, which was fine as the money making part is always in the second step.

But then my free bets didn’t show up, now Betfred state it can take up to 48 hours from your initial bet being settled until the free bets are credited, and it just so happens in my case they took every single moment of that 48 hours. As I was due to blog about it that left me with a very limited choice of midweek matches to bet on as I wanted to get it done as soon as possible, I just had to go with what was there.

Now normally I would spend a bit of time picking a match with a bit of long shot on the odds, spending as much as I could afford to get the best profit, using the betting calculators to guide me. This week that wasn’t to be, so I just popped a little down on and got a little back, it’s fine, I’m still in profit and had I not already missed my deadline* I would have probably just waited until the weekend matches. *My deadline was self-imposed, but it just really bothers me to miss such things, even when it’s out of my hands, I’m weird like that!

So to summarise this week’s experience, I’m feeling really happy with how everything has worked out, I’m up to speed with what I need to do to make money out of this and even though I didn’t even make £10 this week I’m confident that I will make more next week. Besides, little and often really is fine with me, so long as I’m making money!

Briony and son

As I’m at the end of my first month of my #freebetchallenge and I’ve done a little vlog to chat about how the whole month went for me, hopefully it will give you a bit of an insight and prove that I am just a mum who was incredibly sceptical and proven wrong, a mum who has made a little bit of extra cash and is very happy.

In total over the last 4 weeks I have turned my initial £25 stake into £72.43 cash and £20 cashback, £92.43 in total which is pretty bloody impressive. As I have set up a separate, easy access, saving account for my proceeds that means I have £97.43 (I decided to leave my initial stake in the account) in cash to play with and so I will also have the cashback amount, although that will come to me in Amazon vouchers as I get a 2% uplift from my cashback account by getting my payments made to me in vouchers.

As always next bets are on Friday ready for the weekend matches but I will no longer be doing weekly blogs about it as there isn’t much more to add now. I will definitely still be continuing my matched betting journey by using the Free Bet Challenge’s VIP area to help me places more bets. I really hope to carry on making some extra money each month.

Free Bet Challenge Week 3

I’m now at the end of the third week of my #freebetchallenge, following the simple guidelines given to me from  This week worked exactly the same as last week and because of that I was a bit quicker and a bit more confident, I also had a little bit more to play with thanks to my previous wins. Here are this week’s results and thoughts.

4. freebetchallenge

In total this week I put down £62.81 in cash and I have won £90.87. That makes my total profit for this week is £28.06. That’s a fairly tidy sum.

This week there is a reason I profited so much more than last week. If you remember last week for setting up my account with Smarkets they covered up to £10 of my losses, which meant this week I had a £10 free bet with them, so I spent £10 less than I would have normally. To me this is part of the point and doesn’t affect my overall profit and wouldn’t affect anyone else doing this as they would likely get the same offer. I just thought Iought to mention why this week seemed so much better than last week in case you were wondering if I did something differently or learnt a new trick.

This week I jumped straight in using the betting calculators which really are the key to making sure you come out on top. They are easy to use and do all the hard work mathematically for you, which is ace. Being more confident this week I played about with the matches and therefor the odds a bit more, making sure I’d picked the best game for me, the odds that would give me the best return for the money I had to spend.

This week I set up an account with William Hill and got £20 in free bets for a £10 stake, I placed my bets on Newcastle vs West Ham Saturday and then used my free bet on Sunday’s Stoke vs Arsenal match.

4. Matched Betting

So to summarise this week’s experience, I’m feeling quite happy with how everything works and this week I only spent about 30 minutes or so, setting up my new account with William Hill, deciding which matches to bet on and placing my bets over the two days which isn’t much time at all. I’m far happier with how much I made this week and now have a little savings account set up with over £80 pure profit in it, this does include my cashback from week one. My only question is what happens when I’ve set up all the new accounts that I can?

As always next bets are on Friday ready for the weekend matches so come back next week to find out how I did.


Free Bet Challenge Week 2

I’m now at the end of the second week of my #freebetchallenge, following the simple guidelines given to me from  Things were a little more complex this week but I’ve certainly got the hang of it now. Here are this week’s results and thoughts.

3. freebetchallenge

In total this week I put down £61.18 in cash and I have won £72.66. I also got £10.00 of my losses on Smarkets covered so I’ve got a bit extra to play with next week, it’s not withdrawable cash but it is still handy to have, it’s just like another free bet really. That makes my total profit for this week is £11.48. Let’s be honest I’m not going to retire on it, but I’m still up!

This week I watched all the videos in the free member’s area, which helped me see the difference between a bookmakers and a bet exchange, had some really useful tips about working with decimal odds as opposed to your standard 5/7 fractional odds, whilst I’m good at maths and understand odds I do find working with decimal odds quicker and easier to compare. They also went through how to use the betting calculators and these are vital.

Using the betting calculators made this week a bit different as I wasn’t just following a set of instructions, I got given guidance on which accounts to use, set up a Sky Bet account and deposit £5.00 to get £20.00 in free bets and then set up a Smarkets account to place the rest of your bets with, but picking the matches, using the calculators was all down to me.

I loved that I wasn’t left completely on my own, they have a simple ‘check your bet’ form you can complete so if you are unsure you can just pop in what you were going to do with the teams, odds and amounts and they’ll double check it and make sure you are on the right track. I did this with my Saturday bets and got the confirmation I needed that I was doing everything right and this left me confident enough to fly free on the Sunday bets.

The principal was the same as last week, bet on the win, lose and draw but unlike last week I only had one account giving me free bets, Sky Bet, so on each day I could only use them on one of the outcomes. I then used the bet exchange, Smarkets, to bet on the other two possible outcomes. This is where the calculators come in, when you complete them they tell you how much to put down with the bet exchange to give you the right outcome.

So this week I placed my bets on the Wycombe vs Aston Villa Match from Saturday and then used my free bets on Sunday’s Oxford vs Swansea Match. To choose them I just played with the calculators filling them out to see which matches I could afford to bet on and would make the best profit with. Due to the odds on some of the matches I would have needed to lay down over £100 in cash, which whilst I would have made a profit I just don’t have spare at the moment, but it has shown to me that the longer I do this the more money I will have put aside, so the more I can gamble with, the more I will make.

The videos that explained everything were really helpful to me this week and just made everything a bit clearer. The calculators were a god send, essentially telling me what to do. The ability to check my bet was also very helpful, it just made me more confident in what I was doing. I like the member’s area, it is very useful and for me I know I wouldn’t be able to do it without the guidance provided.

So to summarise this week’s experience I ‘m a lot less confused than I was this time last week, I can now see how I would make a profit going forward and I’m finding the guidance from the member’s area really useful. Whilst I did end up in profit this week I’m not convinced that just over £10 would be enough to keep me coming back week after week, and the £10k club seems a very long way off, but I know I’m still new at this and learning and I think now I’ve done it once using the calculators I could do it better next time.

As always next bets are on Friday ready for the weekend matches so come back next week to find out what I did.


My first week matched betting

This weekend I had my first experience of matched, following the simple guidelines given to me from Online Betting School’s #freebetchallenge.  I also went to my first ever live football match as I had foolishly bought my husband tickets as his Christmas present. Here are my first week’s results and thoughts.

In total this week I put down £25.00 in cash and I have won £51.50 that I can withdraw and pop straight into my bank account, I also got £20.00 cashback, so that is a total profit of £46.50, over doubling my money which isn’t bad, I’m pretty happy with that.

So here’s how I did it, well I say me, I only did what I was told! I set up three new betting accounts, one with Ladbrokes, one with Coral and one with Betfair and as a new customer I got some great free bet offers.

By depositing £10 with Ladbrokes I got a £10 free bet, I also got £20 cashback going through Quidco, I could have got even more cashback, £31.50, had I gone through Topcashback which is what I should have done but I’ll be honest and say I couldn’t be bothered to set upa new account when I already use Quidco regularly.

2. Matched betting money bet

By depositing £5.00 with Coral I got 4 x £5.00 free bets and by depositing £10.00 with Betfair I got 3 x £10.00 free bets.

So at this stage I had the £25.00 cash I had deposited plus the £60.00 in free bets to play with and quite frankly no clue what to do with it! Plus I also had my £20 cashback. Setting up the accounts was really straight forward and the free bets were added automatically so that was easy too. A handy tip for you, some offers are better if you don’t use a cashbacksite so be watchful and make sure you do what is shown.

Following the example given to me on I then placed my bets. The concept is simple enough for even me to understand, pick a match and place bets on all three possible results, a win, lose or draw guaranteeing at least one of those bets will come good. So on the Saturday I was betting on the West Brom v Stoke match using the cash I had put in the accounts and then on Sunday I used my free bets on the Everton v Spurs match. All done following the examples I had been given. Typically neither were the match I actually watched live, which was Man Utd v Swansea, the other half is a huge Man Utd fan and it was his first trip to Old Trafford, he loved it, I discovered I’m flipping petrified of heights and that I really, really do not understand football!

2. Matched betting free bet

I can safely say that without the examples I would have been a bit lost, well a lot lost, and I’m still a little bit confused about what happens next. I get the whole concept of betting on all three outcomes to guarantee a win. I get the concept of using your free bets on a different match getting withdrawable profits. But there are only so many offers out there, so what happens when they run out? I’m hoping that as I work through each step and read more information and watch all the video tutorials it will just make a bit more sense to me.

So to summarise my first week’s experience I can say that setting the accounts up was easy and didn’t take much time Placing the bets was straight forward when following the example I was given. I have made a profit which I’m very happy about. I still don’t like football and I shall not be attending more anymore live matches in the near future. I’m still a bit confused and not 100% convinced by matched betting, but I am less sceptical than before.

Next bets are on Friday ready for the weekend matches so I’ll catch you up next week.


Matched Betting 2016 Challenge

This January I’m trying something new, it’s not a resolution, no fitness goals or dry January for me, I shall be trying Matched Betting for the first time with Online Betting School’s “Free Bet Challenge” and seeing if it really is as easy and as profitable as they’d have us believe. By using the free bets available from online bookmakers and betting on the football I should be able to make a practically risk free profit.

Let me start by introducing myself, after all you’ll be reading about my experience for a whole month. I’m Briony, I’m a mum to a little boy, a wife and I work from home blogging and crafting and playing with social media. Most importantly I’ve never placed a bet in my life and I hate football. In actual fact I wouldn’t even be doing this if I hadn’t been asked to write about it. You see part of being self-employed and staying home with my child means I have to be sensible, very sensible, money doesn’t go far especially at this time of year, I think most people can relate to that. This means I can’t turn down work but you’d never find me gambling either!

From what I’ve researched and what I’ve been told, Matched Betting is almost risk free, it can be complex but there are systems, like the one I’ll be using from, that help so you don’t have to have any knowledge and you can still make good money from it. There are so many success stories from very happy people and other than some words of caution about never betting more than you can afford and reading small print I haven’t been able to find any negative accounts.

But if all that were true why do the bookies allow it? Why doesn’t everyone do it? It all just seems too good to be true. Surely there is a catch.

So that’s why I’m here, I’m going to try it for myself, betting my own money and telling you all about my experience. I shall tell you the truth, if it’s difficult or time consuming, if I win or lose, if I wish I had tried it years ago, whatever my experience I’ll let you know. I’m nervous and excited all at once, I’ve never wanted my oh so sensible, practical and often sceptical self to be wrong about something so much. I’ll be placing my first bets on Friday so wish me luck.